Crane Mounted Drill

Crane Mounted Drill

Power Unit

Diesel Engine

1002 Hours



Electronically-controlled, 4-speed Power shift Transmission with 14″ Torque Convertor


Right Angle Gearbox

Force-lubricated Hypoid Gear set


Rotary Table Final Drive

3.30:1 ratio, Oil-bath Lubricated Spur Gear Drive


Theoretical Performance

Rotary Torque (ft./lbs.)

1st Gear – 177,200 Rotary Torque (ft./lbs.)

2nd Gear – 85,400 Rotary Torque (ft./lbs.)

3rd Gear – 49,250 Rotary Torque (ft./lbs.)

4th Gear – 28,526 Rotary Torque (ft./lbs.)

Controls & Instrumentation

Fully Electronic Controls 



Main Frame & Sub-frame Assembly (standard):  24,250 lbs.

Crowd Assembly (optional):  6,500 lbs.


Crane-Attachment Options

• 30,000 lb. Positive-grip Hydraulic Crowd System

• Height & Reach Insert Segments for Adjustable Sub-structure

• Calyx Basket Catch Arms


Kelly Bar Options

• Single, Double, & Triple configurations available. Minimum 4” square solid inner bar, maximum 8″ square outer bar.  Overall Length to customer specifications/requirements. Kelly Bar weight varies by bar design & size.


Crane Requirements

60-ton minimum capacity. Capacity will vary dependent on Kelly Bar type & size, and applied working radius of Drill Attachment.


SALE PRICE $25,000


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